Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC)

Oxford HIM matches experienced coding professionals with excellent job opportunities in Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) preparedness programs for a variety of healthcare facilities.

We help healthcare facilities with the implementation of an internal RAC Preparedness Program. We know that one of the biggest challenges for our clients is the ability to get buy-in across the organization – our professionals are experienced in working closely with physicians and clinical staff to assist with the process for RAC. We offer cost-effective solutions that facilitate compliance for RAC audits, as all of our staff undergo complimentary quality review audits performed by our Compliance Manager to ensure accuracy.

Our RAC Preparedness Program includes the following:

  • Educate staff, including administration, ancillary, clinical, and coding/HIM
  • Develop internal training related to the RAC program
  • Facilitate open communication across all internal and external entities involved in RAC
  • Coordinate all activities associated with requests, audits, appeals, time lines, and invoicing
  • Comprehensive knowledge of RAC tracking systems, posted issues, and “topics of focus” or “areas of interest” for coding errors, medical necessity, or other reasons
  • Coordinate RAC requests
  • Analyze, process, and disseminate RAC findings on the facilities behalf
  • Coordinate RAC reports with corporate compliance
  • Develop internal training
  • Complete clinical reviews
  • Oversee the release of information process